URNA Chahar-Tugchi released her album

Ser“–Awakening, recorded with the Polish band Kroke. The album rapidly collected rave reviews and top ratings by music journalists all over the world,

High places in the major world music charts curated by specialist journalists: No. 1 in the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE) Jan. 2019, No. 4 in the Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC) Feb. 2019 and in the Best of 2019 Albums No. 11 (WMCE) (European World Music Charts) and No. 7 (TWMC) and top 7 (TransGlobal World Music Charts) album of the year 2019.

Born into a family of nomadic herders in the Ordos grasslands of Inner Mongolia, URNA carries the spirit of her homeland in her music as she performs around the world. While being rooted in the traditional music of her homeland, URNA continues to take her music to new directions.Her latest compositions emphasize free, brushstroke-like improvisations, which have been inspired by her many years of experienced encounters with other cultures and musicians and her life in the world.

“Her voice remindsme of the whistling of the wind, the cold boldness of the stones and the burning heat of the sun. At once splashing likea waterfall, than tender as the moving wings of a butterfly. That is when youunderstand why Urna’s critics and audience say her voiceis like a small orchestra.”–Words from a Swiss critic fell, when he heard URNA performing for the first time.

Blessed with this extraordinary voice, URNA has the abilityto directly communicate with her listeners through her music, transcending all linguistic and cultural barriers with her dynamic, soaring vocals. Her songs evoke the immense grasslands of Mongolia and relate stories about the Mongolian way of life.

URNA has performed with many internationally renowned musicians and her forthcoming CD with the Polish Band Kroke is a shining example of this.

In the summer of 2003, URNA was awarded the Global RUTH Prize in Germany for the best international artist. With her more than two decades musical journey around the world spanning and her many years of collaboration with many international musicians from different cultures from all over the world, she is honored as one of the most important musicians.

URNA is based in Germany, and from there she tours the world since more than two decades.


“It is rare for the human voice to encompass themusical range of a small orchestra, and even more rare for the singer atthesame time to remain grounded and not fall into the trap of artifice. Urnaisone of these exceptions. The secret of thisworld class musician consists of acharm influenced by Buddhist philosophy, steeped in tradition and a range ofmelodies which, though earthed in the central Asian steppe, becomeotherworldly.”-(FAZ) Frankfurter AllgemeineZeitung–a leading German newspaper


What the press says about the latest album “Ser”:“(…)If you have not had a chance to hear URNA yet, I highly encourage you to take a listen, this album is even more collective with Kroke augmenting her sound and the result is stunning. Though a new name to me, after one listen her sound andvoice are cemented as a lasting impression of artistry. I now am a true fan as well. Highly recommended.”–Bea Willis, 5 Finger Reviews(USA)