“Ser / Laturna” URNA & Kroke

Song “Haram Gui” Live concert

The Two Horses of Genghis Khan

Short synopsis
A promise, an old, destroyed horse head violin and a song believed lost lead the singer URNA back to Outer Mongolia. Her grandmother was forced to destroy her once loved violin in the tumult of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The ancient song of the Mongols, “THE TWO HORSES OF GENGHIS KHAN”, was engraved on the violin’s neck. Only the violin’s neck and head survived the cultural storm.

Now it is time to fulfil the promise that URNA made to her grandmother.
Arrived in Ulan Bator, URNA brings the still intact parts of the violin – head and neck – to Hicheengui, a renowned maker of horse head violins, who will build a new body for the old instrument in the coming
weeks. Then, URNA leaves for the interior to look there for the song’s missing verses. But she will be disappointed. None of the people whom she meets on the way appears to still know the old melody
of the Mongols.


Script and Directress: Byambasuren Davaa
Main Protagonist and Singer: URNA CHAHAR-TUGCHI
Violin Maker: Hicheengui Sambuu
Old Singer: Chimed Dolgor
1st Assistant Director: Jiska Rickels
2nd Assistant Director: Erdenee Orosoo
Camera / DOP: Martijn van Broekhuizen
Camera Assistant: Graham Johnston
Sound & Sound Design: Ansgar Frerich
Editor: Jana Musik
Music: Ganpurev Dagvan
Line Producer: Zlata Findeis
Producers: Beatrix Wesle, Byambasuren Davaa


Production companies: Grasland Film GbR;
Atrix Films & Davaa Byambasuren
Aggensteinstrasse 13 a, 81545 München

Tel. + 49 89 642 82 611 / Fax. + 49 89 649 57 349
Production services NAR CINEMA, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Supported by FFA, Berlin; FFF, Munich, BKM, Berlin