Greetings to all my friends and fans in the world,

I am very happy to announce that my new CD "SER" is coming soon.

To know that maaaaany of you patiently waited a long time for my new CD release fills me with gratitude.

So I am even more pleased to announce for you all: "SER" is coming now - Here we go !

Stay tuned as I’ll keep you posted with more information in this days.
with my best wishes. URNA


  • "Ihr leiser, von buddhistischer Philosophie geprägter Charme, ein selbstverständliches Traditionsbewusstsein und die in zentralasiatischer Steppe geerdete, gleichwohl beinahe surreale Spannweite ihrer Melodien machen das Geheimnis der studierten Musikerin aus." (FAZ)

    "URNA überzeugt durch eine mehr als perfekte Beherrschung von Gesangstechniken, assoziatives Interpretationstalent, Charme und Charisma. Urna geht nicht einfach in ihrer Musik auf, URNA ist ihre Musik." (Ester Kleh, Frankfurter Rundschau)

  • "Art with roots lives longer. During the past decade, from the east to the west, people has been moved to tears in URNA CHAHAR-TUGCHI'S music, where they found the brightness, calmness and freedom. She is the flamen of Mongolian soul music." (

  • 有根的艺术,生命更长。过去十余年,从东方到西方,人们在乌仁娜的歌声中感动落泪、看见光亮、找到安宁与自由。她是蒙古灵魂乐的祭司,她的声音,根植于对蒙古草原、天空、风、动物、亲人的认知,是土地的共鸣、空气的呼吸。她的声音,更神奇地跨越山水,穿过一个时代的喧嚣,来到世界中心的舞台,她以宛如跨越四个八度的精妙乐器的嗓音,与世界最优秀的音乐人对话,走向更深、更高处。

  • "Urna è dotata dell’abilità di comunicare con i suoi ascoltatori attraverso la sua musica, trascendendo tutti i linguaggi e le barriere culturali con la sua alta, dinamica voce. Molte delle sue canzoni evocano le immense praterie della Mongolia Interna e raccontano degli stili di vita dei Mongoli; le sue performances sono indimenticabili per coloro che assistono o partecipano alla sua musica. Molti associano un concerto di Urna all’esperienza di una cerimonia religiosa..."